Council adopts an assistance measure to support the Nigerien Armed Forces

The Council adopted an assistance measure under the European Peace Facility (EPF) to strengthen the military capacities of the Nigerien Armed Forces to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Niger and to better protect the civilian population against the mounting terrorist threat

The assistance measure worth €40 million has been conceived in conjunction with the newly established EU military partnership mission in Niger (EUMPM Niger) to respond to the Nigerien three-pronged approach (equipment, infrastructure and training).

With the adoption of this new assistance measure in support of the Nigerien Armed Forces, we are strengthening even further our partnership with Niger. This is in line with our commitment to do more with the partners committed to working with us. This package of €40 million comes alongside the Military Partnership Mission we just launched. Together, they will contribute to the autonomy of the Nigerien Armed Forces in the long-term, in line with Niger’s expressed needs and intents.

Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

In line with Nigerien needs and priorities, the assistance measure will support the creation of a signal and command support battalion in Téra, Tillabéry region, through the provision of non-lethal equipment, including ground mobility assets, surveillance, IT, communication and countermeasures equipment as well as infrastructure necessary to fulfil the operational requirements of the newly created battalion.

This support is part of the broader EU effort to support the Nigerien defence and security forces including, inter alia, the assistance measure under the European Peace Facility adopted in July last year, aimed to enhance the capabilities and resilience of the Nigerien Armed Forces.

In a situation where the security threat keeps growing, the EU’s support through the European Peace Facility is crucial to help the Nigerien Government in achieving its objectives in the area of security and defence.

Background and next steps

The European Peace Facility was established in March 2021 to finance all Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) actions in the areas of military and defence, with the aim of preventing conflict, preserving peace and strengthening international security and stability. In particular, the European Peace Facility allows the EU to finance actions designed to strengthen the capacities of non-EU countries and regional and international organisations relating to military and defence matters.

On 12 December 2022, the Council adopted a decision establishing EUMPM Niger with an initial duration of three years. The mission, launched on 20 February 2023, is a direct response to the request for support addressed to the High Representative by the President and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Republic of Niger.

On 18 July 2022, the Council adopted a decision on an assistance measure under the European Peace Facility to support Nigerien Armed Forces to establish i) an Armed Forces Technician Training Centre to increase the logistic capacities of the Nigerien Armed Forces and ii) a forward operating base to support the operations of the Nigerien Armed Forces in the region of Tillabéri.