Czech president elections round two: trojan horse vs. rubber Tree

First round of Czech presidential elections is over. Current president Miloš Zeman and scientist Jiří Drahoš will compete for the presidency in the second round.

Six out of seven remaining candidates as well as seven out of nine political parties declared their support to Drahoš. Peaceful course of the election has be interrupted by an Ukrainian topless female activist attacking Zeman in the voting room.

Czech voters have decided who they want to see in the second round of presidential elections. Miloš Zeman current president of the Czech Republic was supported by 38, 6 percent. His not only political but also ideological opponent, scientist and former director of Academy of Sciences, Jiří Drahoš was given 26,6 percent. Former French diplomat Pavel Fisher ended up third with 10 percent votes and favorite of Czech liberals and intellectual elites, hitmaker Michal Horáček finished fourth with 9, 2 percent.

Election turnout was 62 percent which was about the same as last time in 2015. Second round of the elections will take place in two weeks from Friday 26th to Saturday 27th. Czechs were electing their president historically for the second time.

Nobody is perfect

Despite the fact that they advanced to the second round, nobody could with clean conscience call neither of the candidates perfect.

Scientist professor Jiří Drahoš is being nicknamed rubber tree or career yoghurt by his opponens. The label is nevertheless quite accurate. Drahoš has several times confirmed his pro-Western, pro-democratic and pro-European course. His answers for all of the other questions in important areas remain however quite blurred. His neutral position seems to be working for him during the campaign might be however problematic for a future president.

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Current head of Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman seems to epitomize Drahoš’s absolute opposite. He has very close connections to ruler of Kremlin Vladimír Putin and to the Chinese communist party. He is not a very big fan neither the EU nor the NATO. He is very strong opponent of immigration quotas to the limit of xenophobia. Course of Zeman’s foreign policy is purely pro-Eastern.

Miloš Zeman being a pro-Kremlin candidate, security experts are afraid of possible attempts to influence outcome of the elections. Czech disinformation medias have already released several fake news trying to turn the outcome of the election in Zeman’s favor. The most popular one was describing ‚‘big Soro’s plan for the Czech Republic, referring to seditious campaign of Hungarian government.

Toppless female attacker

Peaceful, almost boring course of presidential campaign was suddenly interrupted by topless female activist attacking Miloš Zeman in the election room. While president was casting his vote on Friday evening, half naked woman run to him screaming ‚Zeman is Putin’s slut.‘ The young feminist, Angelina Diash, was wearing the same sign over her naked breasts. Zeman’s bodyguards responded surprisingly slowly to the attacker which led some security experts to the suspicion that the whole affair was prearranged.

Dias is a well-known member of controversial female movement ‚Femen.‘ Femen is an international activist movement based in France with non-transparent financing. Young feminists are allegedly fighting against Kremlin and supporting Ukraine. Dias was demonstrating in the same fashion against meeting between Ukrainian president Porosenko and Belarus president Lukasenko in July 2017 or during Soccer championship in September 2017 before Ukraina-Turkey match with a sign ‘Erdogan is murderer.’

Ukrainian journalists are very critical about Femen and their protests claiming that their demontrations are anything but helpful. On the contrary such activities are discrediting Ukraine and harming its position in the world.


Adéla Klečková

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